1964 Volvo Amazon 122S

This is the perfect car for an NC500 road trip.  Roomy and comfortable, it easily keeps up with modern traffic with its 1800cc engine.  "A smile a mile" guaranteed!

1978 MGB roadster

Pure fun on four wheels! Top-down motoring that's sure to put a grin on your face.  1800cc and an overdrive gearbox - the perfect combination for Highland roads.  And we also have a removable hardtop for Highland weather!

1973 Volvo 1800ES

Is it a Ferrari? No, it's a Volvo!  Cruise the Highlands in style in this sports estate with a two litre fuel injected engine and three speed automatic gearbox.

1970 MGB GT

The original hatchback, with classic chrome bumpers, wire wheels and a sliding sun roof.  1800cc with twin carbs and overdrive on third and fourth gears for a terrific driving experience. Style with a smile!

1978 MGB GT

A more recent MGB GT hatchback, with rubber bumpers and smart Minilite style alloy wheels.  1800cc with twin carbs and gear lever switched overdrive on third and fourth gears.  And a lovely interior with leather seats and a walnut dash.  More style, and still with a smile!